Memorising Words 如何有效记单词

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Memorising Words 如何有效记单词

How do British kids memorise vocabulary at primary school. Does it work for Chinese (learners)? Can you give me some suggestion on how to memorise English words?

Ben, Zhengzhou

How can you learn English as a native English speaker did in his or her childhood?

Here are some effective ways for memorising English words:

Method 1: Choose a practical vocabulary book.

Method 2: Listen, read and write at the same time.

Method 3: Memorise words in meaningful sentences.

Method 4: Keep a vocabulary pocket book with you.

Method 5: Use software or an online dictionary.

A British boy studying

Wang Fei and Finn will explain how to use these methods effectively. However, they also point out that all of these methods are not very useful unless you repeat and use what you've learned as much as possible.

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