Newcastle Accent 挑战英语口音:纽卡斯尔篇

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Newcastle Accent 挑战英语口音:纽卡斯尔篇

Hi. I'm going to study in Newcastle in June. But I find accents in Britain vary a lot and are really difficult to understand sometimes. So how can I get ready for that before departure, especially for the Newcastle accent?

Ben, Handan

If you come to Britain, you will be surprised to find the English you hear is quite different from the English you have learned in China. Why is that?

Why do people in Britain speak different accents?

And how come British people don't all speak Standard English?

Is it bad to speak English with an accent?

It's nice to have a walk along the River Tyne in Newcastle.

And how can you overcome the difficulty in understanding different English accents?

This week Wang Fei and Catherine will look into English accents, especially the Newcastle accent, Geordie. They will also introduce you to Newcastle, a beautiful city in the UK. Don't miss it.

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